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Welcome to the Pirate's Cove Investment Forum

We are a community of self directed investors, joined together to share our thoughts and knowledge and help each other navigate the turbulent waters of the stock markets.

The Pirate's Cove Investor Forum exists as a an independent forum, controlled by its members. It is here to improve trading and investing skills for stocks, options and other asset classes; to exchange news, views and ideas that will help us all to make trades and investments more profitable in the long and short term.

We have organized the Forum layout for ease of navigation. No matter where your investing interests lie, there is a place in the forum to discuss them. And if you have ideas for a better forum, we'll listen. Promise.

We have categories for big board stocks, penny stocks and stocks traded outside the dollar on foreign exchanges. If bio-tech or commodities like gold and silver or oil and gas raise your sails, the Pirate's Cove is an excellent source of information and opinion. (Har! we'll have some fun too.)

Pirate's Cove also has areas where stock market newsletters and advisories can be discussed with your fellow subscribers. You'll even find, in "The Treasure Chest" section, a place to buy, sell or trade anything you want.

Because Pirate's Cove is a subscription based forum, you'll never be distracted by commercials. It is actively administered and moderated. We'll tolerate no "pump & bash" posts that spoil all the "open to the public" investment forums (Aye, we'll give'm the black spot).

So cast off with us and let's get under way

"Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all." -- Johnny Depp 

"Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates." -- Mark Twain 

"The average man will bristle if you say his father was dishonest, but he will brag a little if he discovers that his great-grandfather was a pirate." -- Bern Williams 

"It is not easy to get rich in Las Vegas, at Churchill Downs or at the local Merrill Lynch office."  -- Paul A. Samuelson 

"Where there is a sea there are pirates" -- Greek proverb 

Disclaimer: This site may include market analysis. All ideas, opinions, and/or forecasts, expressed or implied herein, are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation to invest, trade, and/or speculate in the markets. Any investments, trades, and/or speculations made in light of the ideas, opinions, and/or forecasts, expressed or implied herein, are committed at your own risk, financial or otherwise. 
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